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Gary's Family

My wife Kay Bowen

Kay works as a supervisor full time at the Deseret Book Store in Pocatello, Idaho. She enjoys reading, bargain shopping, and my cooking.

My first daughter Amy Brown, her husband Allen and two children, Kenny and Ashlyn

Amy teaches high school business at Marsh Valley High School. She also enjoys web page design, anything with computers, scrapbooking, card making, and most of all, playing with her children. Kenny will be 8 years old in September and Ashlyn will turn 5 in July. The love to keep her busy. Allen works as a correctional officer for Pocatello Women's Prison.  He loves to read (a lot), playing on the computer, sleeping in late, when the kids will let him, and Star Wars.

My second daughter Torey Bowen

Torey works at Mellaluca in customer service. She enjoys listening to music, dancing, quilting, crafts, and her new love....e-mail.

My third daughter Lindsay Bowen and her daughter Kayla.

Lindsay works at Home Depot. She loves to chat on the computer with her many friends. She also enjoys watching movies, talking on the phone, and scrapbooking. Her daughter Kayla just turned 2 in June.


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